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A Lens Into The World of Sustainability

For Global Citizens to Impact their own Environment by meeting leaders, exploring new initiatives, new products, and by adopting new habits.

Our Goal

We aim to connect people to social and environmental issues by converging industry leaders and creative forces in technology, circular economy, health, impact philanthropy, renewable energy, ethical fashion, sustainable travel, social impact advocates, and more. For Global Citizens to impact their own environment by adhering to new initiatives, new products, and by adopting new habits

Meet the Team

Brigitte Perreault

Brigitte Perreault

Founder & CEO

Brigitte Perreault is a pioneer in the world of digital and transformational media. For the past 18 years, Brigitte has been involved with humanitarian causes such as refugee resettlement, survivors of state sponsored torture, international adoption, and social and environmental impact projects. A recipient of the Human Dignity Award and on the Advisory Board of World Wide Women, Brigitte has combined her social enterprise expertise to build and launch Ignyte TV. A unique and timely network.

Rodrigo Müller

Rodrigo Müller

Ethical Fashion Content Partner

Rodrigo Müller is a film producer who takes a wide view of the whole system. His studies of Sociology, Law, Environmental Law, Cinema provides him a solid base for his work. “Today there is an urgent need for education of the general public to develop the concept of conscious consumption”. He created PLUS Art Films for excellence in story telling celebrating the extraordinary transformation of the world. The production company aims to provoke inspiration and debates among the audiences.

Deandre Deven

Deandre Deven

Social Media Intern

Deandre is a social media student eager to be involved with social and environmental issues and to help us develop our audience, help our team of Content Partners have a global reach and a global impact. He is passionate about plastic pollution and wildlife protection.


Scott Shirai

Business Development Associate

Scott Shirai, APR, Fellow PRSA has a deep and diverse career in strategic planning, marketing/communications, PR, fundraising, television news and documentaries, and “Connecting the dots.” He was the recipient of two national awards for community service and volunteerism and invited to the White House three consecutive years to accept Innovator Awards for research and fundraising

Heidi Regenass, MD

Host of ‘Ignyte Your Health’ on Ignyte TV

Dr. Heidi Regenass is a double board certified Mayo Clinic trained surgeon, Integrative and Regenerative Medicine Specialist. She lives her life and practices medicine through a holistic, spiritual and integrative lens. Her philosophy is preventative, with specialized treatment plans that incorporate a wide-ranging approach to health and regeneration.

She emphasizes the importance of the mind-body connection, combining the latest science-based western medicine and natural healing modalities.

Dr. Heidi Regenass is the host of ‘IGNYTE Your Health’ on Ignyte TV Network.

Jean Palamar - Headshot.fw

Jean Palamar

SVP Development | IGNYTE Transformational Media

Jean is responsible for content for Ignyte Transformational Media’s Ignyte Magazine, a quarterly digital publication about urgent global issues. She is an expert at researching and developing client relationships, and identifying collaborative efforts with organizations, for growth opportunities. In addition, Jean is the liaison between Ignyte Magazine and Ignyte TV for the vetting of ethical brands.

Ramla Allen

Ethical Brands & Products Researcher

Ramla has developed extensive outreach with ethical and sustainable brands and products. She brings her expertise to Ignyte and Ignyte’s Ethical Market, bringing visibility to global brands. Our goal is to help products land in consumers’ hands and inspire consumers to adopt new products and new habits.


Hassan Raza

Sr Video Editor

Hassan is an expert at editing promo videos, interviews and TV commercials. His extensive background brings creativity and professionalism for our clients, advertisers and sponsors.

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